4 Ways To Achieve Your New Year New Body Resolution

It’s the new year, and you’ve decided to make 2023 better than 2022.

In 2022, you had to rely on painkillers to manage sore muscles and painful joints.

You missed out on things because you couldn’t take part, or you spent the entire time worrying about flaring up a niggling injury.

And you felt achy and tired way too much!

But you’ve finally had enough – and you want to get healthier and be more active in 2023.

We LOVE this, and we want to help you with some simple, but effective ways to achieve your new year new body resolution.

4 Ways To Achieve Your New Year New Body Resolution For 2023

1 – Make It Easy For Yourself

To start with, make sure you’ve got the basics in place first before you embark on your fitness goals for 2023.

A balanced diet, 8 hours of quality sleep each night, and minimising your stress can make your new exercise routine much easier to stick to.

Think about it…

After a terrible night’s sleep, with a hectic day ahead, and fuelling yourself with junk food, are you really going to be in a good place mentally or physically to exercise?

Probably not.

On the other hand, how do you feel when you’ve had great sleep, eat right, and aren’t running at 100 miles an hour all day long?

Much better right?

Of course. And if you are getting the foundations right. You are much more likely to go for that run or go to the gym after work.

Woman Exercising At Fitness Studio
2 – Gradually Add More Exercise And Activities

At the start of the year, people often have big goals, and this is great – but setting goals that are way too ambitious is going to increase your risk of injuring yourself or burning out.

Yes, be ambitious.

But also, appreciate where you are now.

When you are trying to start exercising or exercising more, add a little each week, rather than all at once.

If you aren’t doing any exercise at all, trying to walk a little more, and getting in one or two short exercise classes is great progress.

That will still move you in the right direction but won’t put you at risk of injury which would completely stop your momentum and might leave you unable to exercise at all for weeks, or even months.

Remember, you can’t be consistent with your new year, new body goal if you’re struggling with an injury.

3 – Address Injuries That Stop You

If you do have long-term injuries in your backknee, or shoulders, fixing these will mean you can exercise without discomfort or soreness.

And I don’t mean masking the pain with medication or injections.

I mean, really fix the root cause of the pain, and stop it from coming back for good.

Physiotherapy is a way that you can do this – Treating injuries naturally, and stopping them from coming back – to find out more about physiotherapy, and how it can help you overcome long-term injuries, arrange a Free “New Year, New Me” Body Assessment by completing our webform or calling us on 01260 413135.

Due to the extremely high demand at our Stoke and Congleton clinics, there are only 7 Free “New Year, New Me” Body Assessments available.

Group of Elderly People Walking Outdoors
4 – Reward Yourself

When you’ve achieved a milestone on the way to your big goal, give yourself some recognition!

It might be easy to ignore these or downplay our wins but rewarding ourselves is an important way to reinforce the new habits we are trying to build into our lives.

So when you’ve hit your exercise goal for the week, be proud.

When you’ve cooked a healthy meal for your family, be proud.

Injuries Stopping You Achieving Your New Year New Body Resolution For 2023?

If back painknee painneck and shoulder, or sports injuries are stopping you from exercising and keeping active, you’re going to struggle to reach your new year goal of a healthier, fitter body…

But you can put an end to these problems WITHOUT painkillers, injections, or surgery (Hundreds of our past patients are proof of that)

Call us today at 01260 413135 to arrange a Free “New Year, New Me” Body Assessment.

In this assessment, you can learn exactly why your aches and pains won’t go away, and the most effective ways to get natural pain relief so you can do the things you want without stiff joints, tight muscles and discomfort!

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